Totally unique guest book, something your guests will actually WANT to sign, and it wont just sit on your book shelf gathering dust for years. Hang on the wall, or if you're feeling creative, make into a side table after your big day. 


The wood will come to you sanded, varnished and personalised with the text/design or your choice on it. Please feel free to email me if you have specific design ideas. 



Perfect to use with lighter coloured paint markers, I personally love the POSCA pen brand, with a bullet tip, but there are various brands on the market. 

Whiskey Cask End Guestbook

    • Genuine Whisky Cask Ends 
    • Oak Cask Ends
    • Approximately 55cm diameter 
    • 6kg 
    • Sanded, varnished and customised
    • Wedding Guestbook