Be the bridesmaid of dreams and treat the bride to be / couple to a wedding countdown with a custom sack, that you've filled with a present to open each day! 


Ideas for you to fill the sack with: (not included)

Lip balm - got to prep those lips for the first kiss / Luggage Tag - to pop on the suitcase for honeymoon / Bottle of bubbly - calm the nerves / Chocolate - deserves a sweet treat / Custom honeymoon bound hoodie / Jewelery Wipes - ensure the engagement ring is sparkling / Handcream - the beaut new ring needs pretty hands to show it off / Bathbomb - Pamper the nightbefore the big day! 

Wedding Advent Bag

Colour of design
    • Sponge clean only
    • Choice of text colours
    • Personalised name
    • XL sack 
    • Handtransfered vinyl